Stellenbosch RTMS workshop 1 March 2018

by | Apr 4, 2023 | RTMS Workshops

RTMS Workshop, 1 March 2018

The beautiful and historical town of Stellenbosch hosted this 53rd national RTMS workshop, which followed a very successful ISO 39002 working group 5 meeting. As expected, local Western Cape delegates were in the majority, but there were a number of delegates that flew in from various other provinces. Overseas delegates included Unifreight delegates (Zimbabwe) and we were also very fortunate to have presentations from Peter Hartzell (Swedish Standards Institute/ISO TC 241 secretariat) and Prof Shaw Wong (Malaysian Institute for Road Safety/ISO 39002 WG5 convenor). Both ISO 39001 road safety experts were very impressed with the RTMS self-regulatory initiative, especially the benefits that have accrued in terms of road safety, infrastructure preservation and the PBS (Smart Truck) efficiency gains.

The tightly packed programme was a great example of how government support and collaboration with the private sector can realise commendable safety and economic benefits for the country. Prof Dr Shaw stated that he believed that RTMS was the first of its kind in the world and recommended that other countries give consideration to what South Africa has achieved.

The National Department of Transport arranged a gala dinner for the ISO 39002 WG which was a fun-filled evening with some poignant moments that reminded everyone of our collective responsibility for safe roads.

Abram Chego (National Department of Transport) gave an overview of the challenges facing government and confirmed government support for RTMS:

Paul Nordengen (CSIR) presented a background on the need for RTMS and the benefits of the PBS/Smart truck project:

Peter Hartzell (ISO TC 241 chair) made delegates aware of the ISO 39001 standard and it’s primary outcome of a reduction in fatalities and injuries on our roads:

Prof Shaw Wong (ISO TC 241 WG 5 chair) introduced the ISO 39001 guidance document that promoted commuter safety best practice:

ISO thanks South Africa – Peter Hartzell and Prof Shaw Wong presented a token of thanks to Prasanth Mohan (NDoT) and Paul Nordengen (CSIR) for hosting the ISO TC 241 WG5: