Road Transport Management System

Reduction of crashes saves lives

Vehicle maintenance prevents breakdowns

Preventing overloads preserves our road networks

Driver Wellness, Safety, Loading, Productivity

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Road Transport Management Systems

The RTMS  National Standard  (SANS 1395-1) has been published by the South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) and compliance is assessed by SANAS  accredited 3rd party auditors.




RTMS therefore is a system that voluntarily regulates the heavy vehicle industry and has achieved significant results in: 

  • Reduction and minimisation of overloading
  • Preventing road damage and preserving our infrastructure
  • Enhancing the safety of heavy vehicles on our national roads
  • Taking care of truck drivers’ health (Driver Wellness Initiatives)
  • Reduction of traffic violations (e.g. reducing speeding incidents)
  • Improving efficiency in various industry supply chains
  • Actively promoting skills development within the transport sector







How do I get Started? 

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the
RTMS standard (SANS 1395:2019) from the SABS (

Step 2

Develop your company procedures, as per the requirements of the
RTMS standard

Step 3

Implement the required processes, ensuring that records are maintained for all vehicles, trips and drivers.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied that your business complies with the RTMS
standard, complete the application form and send to a SANAS accredited RTMS Certification Body.

Claim excellence in the management of road transport operation!

Latest News

RTMS is recognised and actively promoted by major industry bodies and affiliates.