certification process

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the relevant RTMS standard (SANS 1395:1) which is sold by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

Step 2

Review the requirements of the standard and identify what relevant processes are in place within your company.(Optional pre-assessment site visit may be requested at this stage.)

Step 3

Perform a gap analysis, making a list of all deficiencies that exist

Step 4

Develop procedures, processes, controls and records identified at the gap analysis

Step 5

Once the relevant procedures have been compiled, the challenge to implement follows:


Maintain a fleet inventory with all relevant technical information available


System to verify that all vehicles have valid licenses.


Checking that optimum payload is achieved (no habitual overloading/ underloading)


Keeping records for measuring/monitoring purposes (you can’t improve what is not measured)


Implementing a system to ensure that all vehicles are serviced as per OEM intervals and specifications


Each vehicle is checked every day for roadworthiness – a vehicle is not allowed on a public road unless it has been inspected and found to be safe.


Recording all relevant performance indicators such as number of accidents, fuel consumption, injuries on duty, traffic violations, over speeding,   excessive driving.


The company to implement appropriate corrective actions to correct negative trends e.g high crash rate may indicate that more frequent driver training is required.


The company to ensure available resources for wellness of all drivers including medical testing, fatigue monitoring, education and training.


Once the company has implemented for 3 months, a performance assessment (internal audit) is conducted to determine if ready for an external audit.

Step 6

Once implementation has been effectively managed the company can request an audit

Step 7

The audit is conducted and any findings (non-conformances) generated will need to be corrected and verified by the auditors

Step 8

Certification is then awarded by the RTMS national committee.