Presentation Downloads

Coca Cola SA RTMS Workshop – 20 February 2019

RMTS   01 RTMS presentation Nordengen Jhb Feb 2019.pdf (11.75 MB)

RMTS  02 Oliver CCBSA RTMS Presentation.pdf (3.72 MB)

RMTS  04 Byron Air Products RTMS Official Hand Over.pdf (392.02 KB)

RMTS  05 AB Inbev ALT - RTMS Presentation.pdf (1.72 MB)

RMTS  06 Gideon RTMS GABS - 2019 02 20.pdf (631.03 KB)

RMTS  07 Mookho SANAS WORKSHOP 2019.pdf (3.62 MB)

RMTS  09 Saphira ALT - RTMS Presentation.pdf (1.81 MB)

RMTS  10 Steve Coke RTMS.pdf (290.04 KB)

RMTS  11 PBS presentation Nordengen Jhb Feb 2019.pdf (15.06 MB)


SANRAL Cape Town 6 June 2018

RMTS  01 Prasanth Presentation

RMTS 02 Paul RTMS & PBS Nordengen


RMTS 04 Oliver Sanral CT RTMS Workshop

RMTS 05 - Adrian

RMTS 06 Willem Electricity Fleet Case Study

RMTS 07 Jacques Presentation RTMS

RMTS 08 Steve RTMS Workshop

RMTS 09 John Use of PBS in NZ

RMTS 10 Gavin TCA Presentation



RMTS  01 Abram DOT Stellenbosch RTMS Workshop Presentation.pdf

RMTS 03 Gideon RTMS GABS - 2018 03 01.pdf

RMTS 04 Oliver 201803 STIAS RTMS Workshop.pdf

RMTS 05 Willem Electricity Fleet Case Study 2018.pdf

RMTS 06 AvT RTMS Workshop - Stellenbosch - 1 March 2018.pdf

RMTS 07 Peter Hartzell RTMS Workshop Stellenbosch 2018 03 01.pdf

RMTS 09 Steve RTMS workshop Cape Town 2018.pdf



RMTS  RTMS Workshop, Standard Bank Centre, Durban, 22 November 2017 Paul Nordengen (14MB - PDF) 

RMTS   Cordless Load Management System by LB Odendaal (2MB - PDF)

RMTS  Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance

RMTS  Load Cell Lourens Odendaal


RMTS  Case Study Goldfields Logistics

RMTS  Improvement Strategy For Heavy Vehicle Crashes

RMTS  Standard Bank by Rajesh

RMTS  Steve Workshop Durban - Indwe Risk Services

RMTS  Opportunities for PBS Smart Truck in the Sugar Industry



 RMTS  Barloworld Logistics - Adrian Van Tonder

 RMTS  Department of Transport - Prasanth Mohan

 RMTS  Forest RTMS - Francois Oberholzer

 RMTS  RTMS Accreditation - Oliver Naidoo

 RMTS  Effects of overloading

 RMTS  Table of material payload masses

 RMTS  RTMS presentation at GIZ SPAA Workshop - Paul Nordengen